iSpeech intros voice recognition platform for connected homes, enables vocal control of TVs and appliances

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iSpeech intros voice recognition platform for connected homes, enables vocal control of TVs and appliances

We've been seeing the growing trend of peculiar services like Cupertino's Siri, Samsung's S Voice and Google Now on mobile devices, but up until now, we have yet to spot something similar in the world of connected homes. Having previous experience in the text-to-speech department, iSpeech is hoping to be able to do just that with the world debut of its voice recognition platform for smart households. With iSpeech Home, the company's aiming to give OEMs and manufacturers a canvas where they can implement voice recognition software into TVs, home entertainment systems, lighting, refrigerators and even washers and dryers -- which would, according to iSpeech, open the doors to natural language commands such as "Watch ESPN" or "Turn off the lights in the living room." As exciting as it all sounds, the company's COO Yaron Oren did tell us there aren't any official partners on board at the moment, but that he does expect to have iSpeech Home-powered products within the next 6-12 months.

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iSpeech® Launches Siri-Like Voice Recognition Platform for the Connected Home
iSpeech to transform the connected home by controlling Smart TVs, household electronics and appliances by voice.

Newark, NJ – July 19, 2012 – iSpeech Inc. today unveiled iSpeech Home, a voice solution for connected home device manufacturers, OEMs, and service operators. iSpeech Home will allow consumers to easily control their televisions, home entertainment systems, lighting, heating, ventilation, irrigation, security systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers and other household appliances by voice, through natural language commands. Leveraging iSpeech's cloud, embedded and hybrid, human quality text to speech and speech recognition technology, iSpeech Home eliminates the challenge of a complicated user interface typically associated with home automation.

"We believe speech is the user interface of the future," said Yaron Oren, Chief Operating Officer at iSpeech. "Siri has done an amazing job of bringing this vision to life on the iPhone, and we are helping bring it to more applications, more platforms and new markets such as the connected home."

The iSpeech Home platform has been built on top of a hybrid-embedded and server speech recognition architecture that allows for improved response times and availability of service when compared to a network-only solution. When combined with iSpeech's human quality text to speech, the platform transforms natural voice commands into a conversational experience with artificial intelligence. iSpeech currently supports 26 languages and can support voices commands such as the following:

"Watch ESPN" or "Find movies starring Tom Hanks"
"Record American Idol"
"Turn on stereo and play Lady Gaga"
"Set temperature in house to 70 degrees" or "What's the temperature in the house now?"
"Turn off the lights in the living room"
"Turn on the alarm"

The release of iSpeech Home follows the company's success in the mobile market and serves as a springboard for its speech technology. Launched in August of 2011, iSpeech's mobile development platform is now widely used by Fortune 500 companies and over 13,000 developers and includes popular mobile apps from Hearst, Telenav, SpeaktoIt, iTranslate, Vocre and many more. iSpeech-owned apps, including®, iSpeech Translator, Caller ID Reader® and iSpeech Obama have been downloaded over 30 million times.

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