Yahoo's IntoNow TV companion app for iOS adds screen grab, music recognition and chat features

Yahoo's IntoNow TV companion app for iPad and iPhone adds screen grab, music recognition and chat features

At CES 2012 we were promised that Yahoo would integrate IntoNow's SoundPrint technology with its backend to pull up useful extra content about whatever TV program was being watched and now it's delivered that and more. IntoNow 3.0 for iOS (no upgrade yet for the Android version) enhances the app's TV companion experience in three key ways: TV / Music Sync, "CapIt" screengrabbing and finally Group Chat. The TV and music sync brings not only the associated info we'd heard about before, but also brings Shazam-style information about any music that might be playing. CapIt can pull screenshots from the cloud of any of the TV shows IntoNow's backend is monitoring, which adds up to about 13 million frames a day, then pops them up ready for meme creation and sharing. Group Chat does exactly what it sounds like, and lets you talk to friends or set up circles of fans around particular shows.

We gave the app a try and found it worked as advertised, quickly identifying what was playing whether live or on DVR and popping up episode info, cast listings and Wikipedia links. The CapIt feature (shown above) pulls frames with surprising speed and ease, even on live broadcasts, and allows users to scroll backwards or refresh for new freezes to grab just the right one. It doesn't monitor what you're watching live, but punching the green TV icon in the upper left corner causes it to sync right away, which also creates an entry of what was being watched and when.

Yahoo's IntoNow TV companion app for iPad and iPhone adds screen grab, music recognition and chat features

Our main complaint so far? An immediate post to our Facebook feed on sign up, although subsequent posts and Timeline integration (which is off by default) are more readily controlled. IntoNow is far from the only social second screen app out right now and so far its technology hasn't pushed it past competitors like GetGlue and Miso, but these new upgrades may do the trick. At the least, if you see an explosion of TV-related memes popping up on Reddit, you'll know who to blame -- hit the source links below to grab the free app, find out more info on the features or get a developer's look into the back end technology that powers this "ambient computing" experience.