YouTube will kick in an extra $200 million to market new channels

Google's about to expand its original content experiment by spreading another $200 million around marketing its new video channels, as it announced in May. The original $150 million, which created nearly 100 new YouTube channels with notables like Amy Poehler and NBA Star Blake Griffin, apparently caught on with advertisers who were willing to pay a premium to appear alongside branded, non-crummy content. It's also popular with the creative set, who like the instant feedback and flexibility to take a show 180 degrees if needed in order to draw eyeballs. Mountain View could also possibly bring the more polished programs to French and British viewers by next year, according to WSJ sources. If it does, and you're on that side of the pond, you may want to get your pitch in order.

Update: Google confirmed they won't be investing money on any new channels or production, as originally reported -- the $200 million is for marketing only.