Mavizon Mavia tracker reaches pre-order at last, makes best friends of cars and iPhones

Remember Mavizon's plans for its Mavia car tracking device (formerly the AutoBot) from almost two years ago? The company promised availability sometime in 2012, and we're here in earnest with the car companion ready for pre-order. The business model has changed significantly since 2010, however. It's a cheaper $169 up front for the Bluetooth cellular OBD-II peripheral -- $99 for the first hundred through the gates, or $299 for a two-pack -- but the full tracking service will cost $5 a month, or $49 every year. Those who do make the leap can get a look at their car's vital signs as well as set up geofenced notifications, track long-term performance and receive impromptu driving directions to a friend's coffee shop check-in. The first batch of Mavia units should arrive within several weeks, we're told, and should have both browser- as well as iPhone-based apps waiting in the wings.

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Mavizon Announces Mavia Connected Car Solution for Limited Pre-Order

Mavia Connects Drivers to Loved Ones, Places, Offers, and Vehicle Data

Louisville, KY--August 1, 2012--Mavizon announced today that Mavia,
its connected car product, is available for limited pre-order on Mavia plugs into the OBD-II port, located under the dash
of all cars made in or after 1996. It can read check-engine lights,
locate a vehicle 24/7 with its built-in GPS module, and gather
information about stats such as MPG, trip distances, time spent
idling, and average and maximum MPH. Users create an account at to view information and manage cars in their garage, while
interacting with family and friends.

Mavia is ideal for parents with teen drivers, those who are
interested in diagnosing their check-engine lights without visiting a
mechanic, drivers who are interested in how they can save money by
changing driving habits, or anyone who wants to be more connected as
they drive. An iPhone app is also available.

For the launch, Mavizon has taken the advice of beta testers and
refreshed Mavia's offerings, from the website to the iPhone app and
even the look of the device, to emphasize its best features. Mavia
will allow users to:

* Analyze driving habits over time and help find ways to save money by
looking at trends and infographic features
* Stay in touch with loved ones who are on the road with geofences and
* Set up location-based-reminders to be sent directly to a mobile phone
* Get directions on the go to friends' check-ins, other cars in their
garage, and local offers
* Interpret and diagnose check-engine lights and stay on top of
maintenance schedules
And so much more, all from the desktop or mobile phone


Mavia is available for pre-sale in the United States for $169 plus
$4.99/mo or $49 pre-paid annual subscription. 100 units will be
released for Mavia's earliest adopters at $99 each.