Add bling to your Xbox in the Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions

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Add bling to your Xbox in the Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions
The Behemoth is hosting the second annual Tournament of Champions to discover and reward the "best Castle Crashers Arena Fighter in all the world," with first place earning a real-life, honest-to-chicken, gold-plated Xbox 360.

This mirrors (in a yellowed, rich kind of way) the top prize from last year's tournament, but 2012 adds some new rewards for first place: 25 squeezy chickens, a chonku-chonku mini-fig in the color of the winner's choosing, all nine Castle Crashers phone charms, a beanie, a Behemoth t-shirt and the new Necromancer figurine signed by Behemoth developers.

Second place gets everything except the golden Xbox, but in fewer numbers than first place, and third place gets fewer things than second, though more than anyone in the top 50. The prizes are outlined on the Behemoth blog.

To qualify, players must hit the top 100 on the XBLA Castle Crashers Weekly Ranked Arena Leaderboards by August 17 at noon PST. The Tournament is scheduled for August 25, starting at 8 a.m. PST and ending at 5:30 p.m. PST. The top 96 valid registrants will compete in one-on-one melee matches, hosted by a Tournament staff member, until just one player is left standing.

Check out the full rules and schedule right here.
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