LG confirms Optimus 2X will indeed be updated to ICS... in Korea, at least

The LG Optimus 2X has been no stranger to controversy when it comes to firmware upgrades (for some variants, at least) so we didn't blink an eye when we heard LG Canada's proclamation that the dual-core device would forever remain on Gingerbread -- despite the company's previous statements to the contrary. It turns out, however, that the future of the Optimus 2X may not be all doom and gloom -- for Korea, anyway. The company's Korean branch sent out a tweet mentioning that the phone will indeed be updated to Android 4.0. Though the tweet itself appeared to be country-agnostic, we have reached out to LG reps and received official confirmation, telling us "for now, that tweet only refers to Korean availability." We still haven't heard any news about ICS coming to any of its global counterparts, but we imagine the healthy dev community will likely cook up a few happy options in a worst-case scenario.