Vergil's leading role in DmC: Devil May Cry

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Vergil's leading role in DmC: Devil May Cry
Vergil, Dante's enigmatic twin brother, is back in DmC: Devil May Cry for a whole new era of demonic sibling rivalry. In the modern setting of Limbo City, Vergil is the boss of The Order, an organization tasked with battling the demons in control, and he recruits Dante to fight with him. This marks a new role for Vergil, tempered by familiar features.

"We tried to retain certain motifs that were essential to the character," Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro told Joystiq at Gamescom. "So he retains the silver hair, he retains the blue coloration of his outfit and the refinement of the character. Storyline-wise, as to how he may or may not interact directly with Dante and certain effects on gameplay, this is something we'll talk about at a later date. The biggest change, the visual, the way he interacts with the storyline, is quite different than what we've seen before. There's more to come; watch this space."

When we asked directly if Vergil would be a playable character in DmC, Eshiro laughed and said, motioning to the PR rep in the room, "No comment there, or else he'll have to murder us, I think."

The emphasis on Vergil's classic features was in no way a reactionary measure to fan backlash when Dante's new look was revealed, Eshiro said. Capcom and Ninja Theory had Vergil planned before the public saw Dante, and both teams knew exactly what they wanted then. Along with the traditional aspects of Vergil's appearance, the longstanding tension between him and Dante will play a part in DmC's story as well.

Dante's other, smaller companion in DmC, a psychic named Kat, has more to offer than advice on navigating Limbo City's demonic and earth-bound worlds, Eshiro said. She's not necessarily a love interest, but she does help Dante connect with deeper emotions than his initial rush of vengeance and anger.

As for any other cameos from classic Devil May Cry names, Eshiro said, "There are plenty of characters we haven't yet touched on. We're not ready to talk about what other characters are in the game just yet, but rest assured there will be some forthcoming news."
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