Remember Me's plans extend to next-gen consoles, Capcom looking to build 'into a major franchise'

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Remember Me's plans extend to next-gen consoles, Capcom looking to build 'into a major franchise'
When Nilin's finished exploring the Neo-Paris of Dontnod Entertainment's Remember Me, that likely won't be the last of her adventures. Capcom senior producer Mat Hart says that the publisher wants more than just a one game from Dontnod. "We're looking to build a long-lasting relationship with them [Dontnod] as a developer, and built this into a major franchise," Hart told me in an interview this week.

He was responding to a question about the game's release window – May 2013 – and the risk Capcom takes in launching a new IP during a very, very crowded release season. "The thing is, if you leave it too late into next year, then you are starting to straddle that line where you're starting to move into the next generation consoles. And what we wanna do is make sure we launch this on the current generation of consoles, to really sell it in, and establish it as a new IP. And then build the franchise out in line with the new consoles coming out."

New properties can be hard to find in the final years of a console cycle, with many publishers instead choosing to launch alongside new hardware. Hart understands that risk, of course, but pointed out that "there's a clear difference between a risk and gamble."

Specifically, he said, "You've seen the footage we've released of the game, and it's easy to see that Remember Me has the hallmark qualities of a top tier title. So we're very confident it competes in that particular landscape."%Gallery-162365%
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