LG Optimus Vu to bow on Verizon as the Intuition, stylus not included?

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Could this 5-inch LG handset be Verizon's answer to the Galaxy Note? Our Intuition tells us otherwise (get it?), but that screenshot above and corresponding FCC docs deign to differ. Really though, that lady razor name's the purported new moniker for Big Red's rebranded Optimus Vu: the heretofore Korea-only phablet we recently reviewed. While we found the outsized handset's worth as a true S-Pen rival hampered by its lack of a digitizer and 4:3 aspect ratio, it could catch on with folks eager for a 7-inch tablet alternative. However this one eventually shakes down in the crowded Android marketplace, it appears subs are in store for a 4G LTE ride and the carrier's typical $199 on two-year contract pricing. Curiously, the leak makes no mention of an included stylus, so perhaps the operator's opting to spin this one as a more traditional smartphone release. Smart move, that.

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