Insert Coin: Connectify Dispatch lets you put all your internets together into one big internet (video)

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Connectify lets you put all your internets together into one big internet

If you've ever thought "Hey, my internet is pretty slow, maybe I can get a second line and combine them into one big, zippy connection!" then you're not alone -- those of us who are broadband-deprived need all the help we can get. But a quick tour through Google will show you the difficulty of doing that process, called "bonding," at home. So, Connectify has proposed Dispatch, software that lets you easily combine your WiFi, ethernet and 3G/4G into a single, fat pipe, at a reasonable cost. The company brings along wireless sharing know-how from its Hotspot product to the project, and promises that with every connection you combine, you'll get a corresponding bump in throughput. Also, the system will automatically failover to a good connection if one goes on the fritz, and even switch automatically between WiFi and 3G/4G to maximize speed and save money.

To prove the tech, the company combined all the available open WiFi networks in a neighborhood along with a tethered Verizon mobile phone, and were able to create an impressive 85Mbs connection, as the video below the break shows. So far, Connectify has vacuumed up $30K for Dispatch toward the $50K objective, with about two weeks left. So, if you're desperate for more speed, or just want to trump your neighbor's bandwidth by stealing his WiFi and melding it with your ADSL, check the source to see how to pledge.

Previous project update: The Instacube is gaining a head of steam and has around $190K pledged toward its $250K target with about 4 weeks until the deadline.