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Insert Coin: Instacube is a hip, Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram feeds

Insert Coin: Instacube is a hip, Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram feeds
Joe Pollicino
Joe Pollicino|August 21, 2012 9:24 AM

In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line.

Ever wished you had another option aside from using Instagram's mobile apps and permalinks for viewing your retrofied photos? The folks at D2M certainly did, resulting in what it likes to call Instacube. The square gizmo is essentially a 7.5-inch (2.5 inches deep), OneStep-themed digital photo frame purposed specifically for displaying and interacting with Instagram photo feeds. Up front, a 6.5-inch LCD touchscreen (600 x 600, the full resolution of photos on the service) allows you to tap between pictures and type when needed. Apart from that, three physical buttons on its top handle power, switching feeds and favoriting photos. Basically, the unit looks out for your specified hashtags so it can follow multiple Instagram feeds and automatically cycle through the images -- niche yes, but it's still undeniably cool.

Android runs the show (no word on what version) atop an undisclosed ARM processor that's bundled with 4GB of storage and 256MB of RAM, while b/g/n WiFi keeps it connected to Instagram independently. Speaking to its OS, tinkerers should be pleased to know that D2M plans to continually enhance its functionality, and potentially open it up to developers. Also worth note, Instacube sports a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing it to operate completely untethered when the mood strikes.

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Interested in pledging your own coin to help fund the project? 1,000 backers can get in on their own Instacube for a cool $99, after which it'll jump to $150. Another 1,000 can get a duo for $199, and the same goes for a limited edition "vintage spring" green variant that'll set you back $249. Past that, bulk options are on offer maxing out at $5,000 for 40 units, and $10,000 for 25 and a "Design Experience" with D2M. All in all, the Instacube project has 31 days to reach a $250,000 funding goal, with the first units set to ship in March 2013 if all goes well -- hopefully we'll see more than just renders of it well before then. Hit up the project at source link and the video overview past the break if you're interested in liberating your Instagram snaps to that larger display.

Previous project update: As of two days ago, the Luminode dimmer switch ended its funding run, surpassing a $35k Kickstarter goal by $1,309 thanks to 116 backers.

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