JayBird intros Freedom Sprint: the JF3 Bluetooth stereo fitness headset gets 40% smaller

JayBird intros Freedom Spirit Bluetooth stereo headset the JF3 gets 40% lighter

It's been quite a while since we last heard from JayBird, but now it's back with another set of Bluetooth in-ear headphones for fitness activities. Unveiled and available today, the new Freedom Sprint ($130, pictured right) joins the ranks of the company's Freedom JF3 headset ($99) -- it's essentially the same Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR headset, albeit with 40-percent less of a footprint for the earpieces (33 x 16 x 8 mm vs. 44 x 19 x 9 mm). The petite size naturally means a smaller internal battery (rated for 4.5 hours, compared to the original's six), but JayBird let us know that the Sprint is acoustically identical to the JF3. While size is the main focus, there are also a few other improvements being toted in the Sprint -- it sports a micro-USB port for charging (changed from mini-USB), a softer cable between the buds, an inconspicuous notification LED, enhanced call quality and the multifunction button has been repositioned to the top of one of the earpieces (the JF3's is on the outside). Sounds like the Sprint could be the $130 ticket if Bluetooth, small size and a secure fit are your main concerns for a pair of in-ears. You'll find more images in the gallery below and further details at the source link. %Gallery-163628%