TERA is merging down to three servers

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.03.12

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TERA is merging down to three servers
It's a positive if you look at the right parts.
The latest letter from TERA's producer is out, and while it includes some interesting statistics, the most important bit of information is that the game will be trimming down its server list. On September 18th, the game will be shrinking to three servers: an unnamed PvE server, an unnamed PvP server, and the existing RP server called Celestial Hills. The letter is quick to state that this is a net positive for players looking for a larger and more active population within a given server.

Customer service has already assembled a set of answers for obvious questions. Any players with more than eight characters in total will be locked out of playing until some of those characters are deleted, so if you've got characters on several PvE or PvP servers, you might want to delete some. Players can also expect banks to be merged (with an overflow tab if you need to withdraw some items) and all vanarch statuses to be reset, with refunds to active candidates. The full producer's letter has some other things for players to look forward to during September and beyond.

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