Angry Birds' sequel Bad Piggies is official

Rovio teased a title called "Bad Piggies" on various social networks last week, and now the game is official. Forbes traveled to Finland and got a first look at a brand new physics puzzle game set in the enormously popular Angry Birds universe.

It's not completely clear how the game will work, but it definitely sounds different from the standard Angry Birds' catapult attack gameplay. Forbes says the pigs are stranded out in the world, and will "...have to build vehicles and contraptions to make their way to the delicious eggs that they can't seem to get enough of." There will still be three stars to attain in each level, but the gameplay sounds a little more strategic and creative than just knocking buildings down.

Several Angry Birds spinoffs have been released already, but this is an entirely new game, and suggests that Rovio wants to take the series in a new direction. Rovio's planning to have the game out on September 27 on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, with other platforms to come later on.

One more note: This is also the first (official) indication that Rovio is indeed depending on the huge success of Angry Birds to keep its company going. VP of Franchise Development Ville Heijari says to Forbes that "it feels like when we're launching anything, some shadow of Angry Birds will be hanging over it," and indeed, that's been the case so far. Rovio recently tried to launch an all-new title with Amazing Alex, which was actually a full purchase and revamp of another developer's game, originally called Casey's Contraptions. While that game is definitely popular, it wasn't quite as big a hit as Rovio has had previously. If Bad Piggies doesn't match up to the rest of the franchise, we may see Rovio try some even more wild tactics to keep growing.