Previously on MV TV: The week of September 1st

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This week I have quite the selection of tasty video tidbits for you to enjoy. What better way to spend the weekend than staying inside away from the nasty pollen and wasps, watching amazing gameplay videos hosted by yours truly and his band of fellow pixel-heads? That's right! You don't even have to buy MMOs anymore! By simply clicking on the "continue reading" link below, you step into an expansive world of MMO exploration, teeming with sights and sounds unlike you have ever seen or installed before! Why should you go through the trouble of standing in line, purchasing a box, spending two days installing it on your massive PC, pulling up that huge plastic chair, waiting for the game to patch, and attempting to make a character who doesn't look like a 17 year-old pop-punk band member only to find that you suck at PvP?

The simple answer to your problem is to watch us play ALL OF THE GAMES! Which games, you might ask? Well, this week I have some Piggy action as he streams Fallen Earth, followed by Richie with some Guild Wars 2, Mike with some more EVE Online, World of Tanks and Tribes: Ascend. And I follow it all up with a trip through Wurm Online to view the mystery behind the Puzzles deed and then chat with Illyriad CEO James Niesewand about his game's new patch! Check it out!

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Psykopig loves post-apocalyptic wastelands! In his first jaunt into the world of Fallen Earth, he wasn't sure what to expect. But shooting crazed wastelanders, crafting bullets, and riding horses underneath a broken old highway were not on his mind. Some of the greatest dance moves are also available in this game, and Psykopig tests a few out before riding an ATV into an explosion that starts the game off. Check it out IN THE STY!

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Richie's Guild Wars 2 livestream show went off without a hitch. His Norn Warrior was gallivanting in the Diessa Plateau, intent on smacking down those pesky Human separatists. Didn't they realize there were elder dragons on the loose and we needed to stick together? Sheesh! He also fought some Flame Legion Charr, got transformed into an angry bovine and went on a frustrating bug hunt. Don't miss this show because there's a ton of awesome wrapped in this tiny one-hour package.

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This week on the EVE Online stream, Mike and his Blue Republic comrades hopped in a fleet and went out on the prowl looking for some Red Federation scum. The result? Ships exploding every which way. Plus, Mike didn't even die!

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Mike is still awful at World of Tanks, but that didn't stop him from laying down the law in a couple of matches this week. Tune in to see embarrassing deaths, of course, but also Mike's astonishing five-HP rout of an enemy tank battalion. Boom!

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Tribes: Ascend made its debut on the stream this week, with Mike putting on his Juggernaut armor and launching into full-on heavy offense mode. Watch as Mike annihilates flag cappers, devastates base defenses and generally has a blast blowing up everything he sees.

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Wurm Online is a wonderful open sandbox game. Even if you are not typically a hardcore sandbox player, you will enjoy this stream. Sure, I have some technical issues while running this Java based game, but at least you'll get an idea just how expansive and realistic the world of Wurm Online is. I take a tour of Puzzles, a player-made deed that contains giant labyrinths and riddles. After you watch this stream, you will probably want to go play. Don't blame me when you get lost at night and find yourself killed by a spider!

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Illyriad has been one of my favorite MMORTS titles for a long time. At first glance, it seems like a simple game, but soon after creating your first city and laying the smack down on some local monsters, you will realize that there is a lot of depth -- and violence -- in this free-for-all city-builder. I took some time to sit down with the game's CEO to discuss the latest changes to the game that added crafting and trade. If you like battle and strategy, check this one out!

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