Neurowear wants to read your mind, geotag your feelings (video)

Geotagging your photos? Old hat -- Neurowear wants to geotag your mood. The folks that brought animated cat ears to the human race is now using NeuroSky's brainwave-reading headgear to suss out your emotional state and share it with your friends. We dropped in on the group at Tokyo Game Show to take a look at an early prototype. After strapping a familiar Mindwave mobile headset to this editor's skull, a companion iPhone app sprung to life, reading off relaxation levels and assigning cartoon faces to the user's mood. The reading could then be recorded on a map, tagging how the user felt at a given location and time and allowing them to share that information with their friends. Had a great time at a new coffee shop? Now you can prove it, and encourage your social contacts to join you. It's an interesting idea, but its still a long way from hitting the app store -- the demo we were given was only a concept app, and the geotagging portion of the demonstration was simulated. It may be awhile before you can tweet your feelings directly. Need another way to express yourself? Don't worry -- Nerosky is adding a brainwave controlled tail, dubbed Shippo, to its line of cranium controlled animal parts. Check it out (as well as our quick neurotagging demo) after the break.

Billy Steele contributed to this post