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Vizio's CinemaWide 21:9 HDTVs hit physical store shelves, price slides below $2k

While Philips is backing out of the ultrawidescreen game, it appears Vizio is still trying to move at least a few more units. The company announced that its 58-inch CinemaWide HDTVs have moved from being available exclusively online, to the physical store shelves of Costco and Sam's Club stores. If the prospect of watching most movies without any black bars (although standard 16x9 TV programming won't quite fit without side bars, zooming or app/menu filler) hasn't quite moved you to buy, there is also the news that its price has dropped another $500 to a shade below $2,000, which puts it closer to the 46-inch HDTVs it's size resembles when watching regular widescreen video. When they initially started shipping our friends at HD Guru were told it was a limited one time only run of 1,000 units -- we'll see if any more sets show up or if this the last gasp for HDTVs in this format.