Sony announces new line of slim external batteries for smartphones and tablets

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Sony announced on Monday that it will introduce a new line of external batteries for smartphones and tablets. Shipping in capacities of 3,500 to 7,000mAh, these external juice boxes weigh around 198 grams and measure 130.6mm by 12.9mm, making them about the size of a modern smartphone. Charging devices via USB, Sony claims that these portable pick me ups can be recharged up to 500 times and can charge most smartphones in an hour and a half. If toting another smartphone-like device around doesn't sound ideal to you, Sony will also be releasing smaller "stick-type" (think flash drives) external batteries in assorted colors. Both battery types are set to launch this fall, with prices ranging from 2,300 yen ($30) to 7,000 yen ($90). Wouldn't it just be easier to sell a marginally thicker phone with world-class battery life? A boy can dream...

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