Visualized: Nokia's Asha 308, 309 in-house lunchtime launch

Visualized Nokia's Asha 308, 309 inhouse lunchtime launch

Typically, when OEMs launch the next generation of their mobile wares, we're treated to painstakingly choreographed industry parties (that we chronicle in great detail). In fact, we can think of a recent one in particular that saw several tech journos corralled into a blue-hued freight elevator and then let loose on three levels of demos. Well, if you thought new product excitement began and ended with select press events or that executive-level enthusiasm was all just a by-product of intense media training, think again. As you can see from the image above, lunch time at Nokia's glass-walled HQ saw a crowd of curious employees noshing on the assortment of cafeteria delights while also sampling the newly announced Asha 308 and 309. It's that company-wide, inside-out passion for all things Nokia we've seen evidence of again and again throughout our time in Espoo. And because of that, we feel justified in saying there's clearly something in the Finnish water.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.