Sony Tablet S gets chunky update: better multi-tasking and IR, 'guest mode', new media apps (correction)

Sony Tablet S gets chunky update better multitasking and IR, 'guest mode', new media apps correction

The original Tablet S has already absorbed a few interesting updates and now it's getting one more: devices are waking up to an Android 4.0.3 update that brings significant additions like a Guest Mode for creating restricted user accounts, revamped media and social aggregation apps, and six assignable macro buttons on the IR Remote Control app. Sony has also bolstered its Small Apps function, allowing you to overlay a browser, IR remote and other utilities in a window on top of another app. What this update isn't is Jelly Bean, which is headed to the Tablet S's similarly-named replacement, the Xperia Tablet S.

Correction: We originally confused the Tablet S with the newer Xperia-branded model. Thanks to all who spotted the error.