Sony Tablet S update lets you play with PS3 controllers, cable adapter required

We've got some good news for gamers that were willing to plunge into the PlayStation-certified world of Sony's tablets. The latest update to the company's divisive Tablet S will let you connect your DualShock 3 PS3 controllers with those 32-bit games of yesteryear. The update is available now in Sony's homeland of Japan and the company is also rewarding its tablet faithful with a free download; an Ape Escape-themed mini-game collection. It's not all good news, however. The clamshelled Tablet P doesn't get the controller hook-up and you'll need to buy an additional USB adapter cable to connect a controller to the monoscreened Tablet S. A briefly worded, vaguely translated release awaits after the break.

Update: We've heard from Japanese users that you'll only need to the cable to initially pair the controller with the tablet. After that, you're free to wirelessly play away.

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SGPT111JP / S · SGPT112JP / S · SGPT113JP / S · SGPT211JP / S
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Marketing of Sony Corporation, Sony Corporation, December 15, 2011

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Sony Tablet "SGPT111JP / S · SGPT112JP / S · SGPT113JP / S · SGPT211JP / S" will guide you to update.
For this update, you will ask a series of operations required to perform the update for you.
Please read the following instructions, thank you for your update and implement this.
Contents of the [Update

PlayStation (R) * 1 * 2 wireless controller support for three
Video Chat plugged into Skype (TM) * 3 Additional Applications
S Series only cradle (SGPDS1) works better when mounting

To use the USB adapter cable * 1 (SGPUC1 sold separately) is required.
* 2 Sony Tablet (TM) S-series offers only.
* 3 Sony Tablet (TM) offers the only P-Series.


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Sony Tablet "SGPT111JP / S · SGPT112JP / S · SGPT113JP / S · SGPT211JP / S"