Dailies in the Dread Wastes help you Stay Klaxxi

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Dailies in the Dread Wastes help you Stay Klaxxi
Dailies in the Dread Wastes help you Stay Klaxxi
I am a warlock who later gets to look like a Sha, so I might be a tad biased about all the shadowy energy going on in the Dread Wastes, but it's a fun place to do dailies. I love the dailies here since your questing in the zone helps you later do your dailies with the Klaxxi. Then after you've done a ton of dailies for reputation, you can unlock one NPC at Honored and two more NPCs at Revered to finish off a couple of achievements.

Bonus points if you're a fan of metal music -- all the Klaxxi NPC buffs you get are taken from song titles.

Find each mantid paragon

In pursuit of Stay Klaxxi, you will complete Amber is the Color of My Energy, which is to simply awaken each mantid paragon. Some paragons are locked behind reputation and some are locked behind questlines in the zone. Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste will also come easily as awakening the paragons is the major plot of the zone.

You'll start by being sent to Bowmistress Li on top of the big wall, Serpent's Spine. Then: After you find all the quest-related paragons, three are locked behind reputation requirements:
  • Skeer the Bloodseeker requires Honored with the Klaxxi. He is in the underwater cave off the coast of the Heart of Fear. Look for the cave icon on your world map and go south until you hit water (then go underwater!). Kil'ruk will give you the quest.
  • Hisek the Swarmkeeper requires Revered with the Klaxxi. He is south of Kypari'ik in the Duskroot Fen.
  • Xaril the Poisoned Mind requires Revered with the Klaxxi. He is beneath the Heart of Fear.
Play with the buffs

You can be buffed with one enhancement and one augmentation at a time. Five paragons offer enhancements and five offer augmentations. Talking to each NPC at Klaxxi'vess will give you the dialogue option to be buffed with that paragon's particular buff.

I advise you to play with the various buffs you get. You might find you like some more than others. Kaz'tik's augmentation was my favorite for a while until I found another. My particular favorites to daily with are Silent Lucidity and Battle Hymn.

Enhancements are offensive buffs that help you damage enemies:
  • Angel of Death is given by Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver. Pulling two or more mobs together will summon Kil'ruk to fly in and cleave everything, often one-shotting things.
  • Iron Mantid is given by Malik the Unscathed. This buff turns all your defensive actions against enemy blows into a stacking buff that will unleash damage and stun all nearby enemies.
  • Silent Lucidity is given by Iyyokuk the Lucid. Quite often while killing things you'll receive a buff called Lucidity, which will cause certain cooldowns per class to have only 0.5 seconds for a cooldown. The affected abilities vary by class, so I'll let you look at the tooltips here: death knight, druid, hunter, mage, monk, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock, warrior.
  • Children of the Grave is given by Rik'kal the Dissector. After you kill a mob, a bunch of green eggs will spawn with a circular area bound with a dashed green line, or how far the AoE will splash.
  • Raining Blood is given by Xaril the Poisoned Mind. After you inject or hit an enemy 8 times, the mob will take about 140-160k damage and stun everything nearby for 8 seconds. Unfortunately, the debuff doesn't add stacks with DoT or channel ticks. As affliction I would kill most mobs before they hit 4 stacks.
Augmentations are defensive buffs or utilities:
  • Master of Puppets is given by Kaz'tik the Manipulator. This buff uses your Extra Action Button on the UI, and it gives you a mind control on any mob you want to use as a minion. For 10 minutes, the mob will fight alongside you like a guardian pet until the mob dies, you change zones, or you click off the buff.
  • Painkiller is given by Korven the Prime. This is a get-out-of-jail-free card for dying, once every 3 minutes.
  • Speed King is given by Ka'roz the Locust. This is a movement buff, allowing you to jump forward once every 5 seconds and giving you a 10% movement buff every time you kill an honorable or experience-yielding enemy.
  • Battle Hymn is given by Skeer the Bloodseeker. This is a healing buff on your offensive hits after you kill an honorable or experience-yielding enemy.
  • Seek and Destroy is given by Hisek the Swarmkeeper. This adds a colorful aura around various mobs in the Dread Wastes who will grant you a buff upon their death at your hands. Green buffs give 15% intellect, spirit, and stamina. Blue buffs give 5% melee, ranged, and spell haste and 5% movement speed. Red buffs give 15% agility, strength, and stamina. The buffs stack with each other, too!
Lightclaw comments that you can do the dailies with your favorite combination every day, but you only need to have a different set of buffs when turning in your dailies to trigger the achievement criteria.

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