Infinity Blade spinoff delayed until next year

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Infinity Blade spinoff delayed until next year

The original Infinity Blade was one of the first iOS titles that proved downloadable mobile games could have the same polish and flair as a full retail release. Unfortunately, gamers waiting patiently for the next installment, titled Infinity Blade: Dungeons, will have to wait until 2013 to sharpen their swords once again.

The game was first shown off during Apple's iPad event in March of this year, where it helped showcase the tablet's new Retina display. Since then, we haven't seen an awful lot from developer Epic Games regarding the title. With both previous Infinity Blade titles seeing December release dates, it was thought that Dungeons may pop up before the year ticked over.

However, speaking with AllThingsD, Epic Games spokesman Wes Phillips revealed that the anticipated spinoff adventure won't hit the App Store in time for the holidays, and that we shouldn't expect a release before 2013. No more specific date was offered, leaving a possible 12-month launch window, though we imagine that detail will be hammered out before too long.

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