Valhalla Knights 3 set for January launch in Japan

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Valhalla Knights 3 set for January launch in Japan
Valhalla Knights 3 will hit Japan on January 31 for the Vita. It will have monsters (surprise!) that drop loot, and features ad hoc connectivity, allowing for local-yet-separate multiplayer. First-print copies include a code for the Butterfly of the Night Takeout Pack, which includes an extra character in the Entertainment District.

Valhalla Knights 3 is a continuation of the Valhalla Knights RPG franchise, first launched in Japan in 2006 and North America in 2007 for the PlayStation Portable. Valhalla Knights 2, which hit North American PSPs in 2008, featured six-member party battles. Valhalla Knights 3 brings 7-on-7 battles, and offers a scintillating look at that universe's Red Light district.

There's no word yet on a western release for Valhalla Knights 3.
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