Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X show up in Verizon colors, get pegged for November 8th release

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The Verizon-flavored Nokia Lumia 822 hasn't exactly been camera-shy, nor has it been coy about its imminent arrival, but the details on price and availability have, as yet, not been pinned down. That is until now, according to a tip-off at WPCentral. The candid shot shows the Nokia next to an HTC 8X -- both with Verizon livery. The word is that the Lumia 822 will run you $99 at launch, while the HTC 8X will command $199, both with a contract. The same source claims that these will launch on November 8th. Just in time to get that first killer app.

Update: Not satisfied with just white? Don't worry about it -- you'll have two more shades to pick from, according to a press image uncovered by EvLeaks. A professionally captured view of the 822's black and grey facades can be found at the more coverage link below.

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