Daily iPhone App: Pushups 0 to 100

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.29.12

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Daily iPhone App: Pushups 0 to 100

So as you may have noticed a little while ago, I am running quite a bit lately, but running isn't everything. You need to work out that upper body as well. And that's why I've started using this Pushups app, put together by Clear Sky Apps. There are a few different pushups apps out there, but I like this one -- it's simple, clear and has plenty of options for users of different skill levels.

As you can see in the video below, the app has a nice clear interface and is easily used while working out. You just choose which type of pushups you want to do early on, and then whenever you're ready to work out, just hit go and it'll lead you through each step of the way. It is relatively simple -- this app won't count calories or track anything besides the pushups you do. But it's effective, in my view, and well worth the 99 cents. There's a free version, too, though it only contains the first four workouts of each level. If you've been looking to build up some upper body strength (and put some pushup reps in), Pushups 0 to 100 will help you do just that.

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Daily iPhone App: Pushups 0 to 100