Mac Game of the Week: Funky Smugglers offers funky fun

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.02.12

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Mac Game of the Week: Funky Smugglers offers funky fun

Funky Smugglers continues the trend of bringing iOS games back to the Mac. The game is from Polish developers 11 bit Studios (who also made the Anomaly: Warzone Earth series). It's a somewhat silly, but still addictive, arcade game, where you have to use an airport scanner to try and grab offensive and dangerous items off of (mostly) reasonable air travelers.

The really killer part of this one is the presentation. Not only does the app kick off with a hilarious bit of live action video, but the funky sounds and songs of the game are really terrific. And then, as you move into the actual game itself, the graphics look great and clear on the Mac's bigger screen, and 11 bit smoothly ramps the gameplay up as you play through flight by flight. There's not a lot of complexity here -- you essentially just need to move your mouse through as delicately as possible. But the game's mission-based progression (and that seriously awesome funk soundtrack) keep you moving forward through the stages.

Funky Smugglers is a great title. I don't know that it's one I would have picked out of a lineup to bring over to the Mac from its iOS version, but I'm glad 11 bit did port it over, because that soundtrack just begs to be played out of something better than the iPhone and iPad's speakers. The game's available on the Mac App Store for just 99 cents right now, so definitely sneak it through security the next time you need something to play.

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