When Vikings Attack pillages PSN next week, 30% pre-order discount for EU PSN

When Vikings Attack pillages PSN next week, 30% preorder discount for EU PSN

Vikings are set to invade 1970s England this Tuesday, November 6. When Vikings Attack, from new developer Clever Beans, launches for PS3 and Vita as a PSN cross-buy title. The game tasks players with corralling English villagers and uniting them against the invading viking hordes – the more villagers you've amassed, the bigger the items you can pick up and hurl.

Anyone who actually lives in England (or elsewhere connected to the European PlayStation Network) can shave 30 percent off the game's £7.99/€9.99 price by pre-ordering it now through the PS3's PSN Store. Shaving the beard off a viking, however, is considerably more difficult and not something we should ever have tried.