Apple wants to add Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 10.1 to Samsung lawsuit

Randy Nelson
R. Nelson|11.07.12

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Apple wants to add Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 10.1 to Samsung lawsuit

When Apple won its patent case against Samsung back in August to the tune of a $1.05 billion payout, we knew it was just the beginning. Today in a San Jose, California courtroom, Apple asked Judge Lucy Koh to add Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile OS to the growing list of products it claims violate its patents.

The lawsuit at the center of this new case was originally brought against Apple by Samsung last month and is scheduled to go to trial in 2014. In it, Samsung is seeking to prove that the iPhone 5 actually violates some of its patents.

It should be noted that Judge Koh, who is presiding over this case, had originally ruled to block sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but rescinded that ruling last month. The sales ban was lifted after jurors who awarded the billion-plus-dollar settlement to Apple in August found that Samsung hadn't violated the Apple patent that served as its basis.

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