Engadget Podcast 316 - 11.09.2012

Couple of questions. Is it Friday yet? The Engadget Podcast tells us that it is. And, where's it at? Two podcasters and a microphone, that's where it's at, which was at AOL HQ in NYC, and is now in your ear via HTTP. Let's do this. If we don't, the hurricanes have won.

Hosts: Brian Heater, Dana Wollman
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

03:20 - Nexus 10 review
12:00 - Nexus 4 review
17:37 - Samsung Chromebook review (2012)
27:17 - Nokia Lumia 920 review: Windows Phone 8 and (a little bit of) camera magic
33:15 - Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 'still small', but will 'really ramp quickly'
35:00 - Nook HD review: a high-def tablet with the heart of a reader
39:46 - Kobo Glo review: another illuminated e-reader lights up the market
40:22 - Kobo Mini review: does the world need a smaller e-reader?
44:00 - IDC: Android claims 75 percent of smartphone shipments in Q3, 136 million handsets sold
44:17 - Samsung's Galaxy S III crosses 30 million sold (Update: More stats!)
44:25 - Samsung Galaxy S III dethrones iPhone 4S as smartphone sales champ for Q3 2012
45:38 - Apple: 3 million iPads sold in three days

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