Lara Croft won't be swimming in next year's Tomb Raider

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Lara Croft won't be swimming in next year's Tomb Raider
Global Brand Director for Crystal Dynamics, Karl Stewart, did a quick Q&A session on the official Tomb Raider twitter account this morning, and revealed an interesting design decision that will affect fans of aquatic exploration. The Tomb Raider reboot won't have any underwater shenanigans during gameplay – though not because the new Lara Croft has forgotten how to swim, thankfully.

Video game characters often have issues with the backstroke; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti could famously survive gunshots, but wouldn't last more than a second in waist-deep water. In contrast, some of our fondest memories of Lara Croft involve diving through secret, watery passages.

Stewart said we'll see more about the game's other traversal gameplay soon, leading up to Tomb Raider's release in March next year.
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