Sprint plans $10 monthly charge for iDEN push-to-talk subs in the new year

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For Nextel push-to-talk subs, the writing's been on the wall for some time now, what with that legacy service destined to sunset on June 30th, 2013. But for those unwilling to heed Sprint's many early warnings and make the switch to its CDMA-based Direct Connect plan before this coming January, there'll be an additional monthly penalty fee. Sprint's confirmed to us that, starting in the new year, (stubborn) iDEN subs who've yet to migrate away from the network will incur an extra $10 charge per billing cycle. In lieu of that, the carrier's advising users to transition now and take advantage of its myriad incentive programs while they last. It's not a permanent change though, as this recurring fee will last only as long as the Nextel National Network does, at which point that 800MHz spectrum will be rolled over for the carrier's planned LTE build-out. But PTT holdouts irked by this news won't have to tie their fates to Sprint -- AT&T's been anticipating this churn and is waiting with open arms.

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