The Engadget Show 38: Robopocalypse with Chris Anderson, Daniel H. Wilson and our future robot overlords

Brian Heater
B. Heater|11.29.12

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The Engadget Show 38: Robopocalypse with Chris Anderson, Daniel H. Wilson and our future robot overlords

Greetings from the distant future of 2013. We stand in a basement of a wasteland once known as "New York City," to deliver you tales of the impending Robopocalypse. We'll take you to "San Diego" where former Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson and his 3D Robotics business partner Jordi Muñoz are offering up the technology to help turn robotic helicopters into autonomous drones. Next up, author Daniel H. Wilson discusses his own prophecies in the bestselling Robopocalypse (soon to be a Spielberg-directed motion picture). Wafaa Bilal, the NYU professor who had a camera implanted in the back of his head, tells us about his life as an cyborg -- and what it's like having strangers on the internet shoot you with paintballs.

We've got a trip to the Robot Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh where we speak to BigDog creator Marc Raibert, iRobot in Massachusetts, Bot & Dolly and Keepon-maker BeatBots in San Francisco and Willow Garage, home of the PR2. We'll also travel to MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and Northeastern University to find how some of our nation's top schools are contributing to the forthcoming robotic apocalypse. And, seeing as how it wouldn't be an Engadget Show without the Gadget Table, we crack open a time capsule from 2012, to check out some of the top consumer electronics of the day including the Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini and Nexus 4 and 10.

Be sure to watch this very special episode of the Engadget Show. Your life -- and everything you hold dear -- just might depend on it.

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