Korea Times: LG's first in-house chips will launch at CES 2013

Korea Times LGs first inhouse chips will launch at CES 2013

Remember when LG announced it would license ARM's processor designs so that it could become a fabless chipmaker -- so that it could exert more control over its own processors? Well, if the Korea Times is to be believed, then LG could unveil its first homemade chips at CES 2013. In an attempt to gain more "independence and dignity" for its business, CEO Koo Bon-joon has pushed for the company to own as much of its technology as it can. As such, it's apparently ready to debut a chip for embedded devices called H13, built on TSMC's coveted 28-nanometer process. The newspaper is also reporting that a mobile version is in the works which the company will use in its own phones and also try to sell to rivals -- mirroring the business plan of that other Korean behemoth.