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Review: Joule II iPad stand

Victor Agreda Jr
Victor Agreda Jr|December 5, 2012 3:00 PM

The original Joule was nice and simple, featuring a channel for your iPad and an arm to prop up the tube in which that channel was cut. The Joule II doesn't reinvent the original, but improves upon its design in a couple of places. Like most Element Case products, the Joule isn't the cheapest stand by far (US$109.99), but it's one of the nicest.


The Joule's base has always been a solid aluminum cylinder, machined to precision to hold your iPad (or other tablet) in portrait or landscape. In portrait, there is even a vent port for audio.

On the original Joule, the arm had 3 positions, and was held in place by a magnet. With the Joule II, Element Case has eliminated the magnet in favor of a simple threaded armature and a hole that moves with some resistance, so you have a bit more control over the angle.

Review Joule II iPad stand

There's a new vent port for audio, this time a series of holes cut through the beefy aluminum base cylinder. The channel is less specific to the iPad these days, but it's clearly designed with the iPad as one of the primary target customers.

The channel for your tablet is generous without feeling like your iPad could flop out somehow. Also, the suede interior slightly grips, and avoids the scratching of aluminum on glass.


It's an iPad stand and it does what it says. The Joule II comes with a handy zippered case, and the heft of the base makes it ideal in a number of situations where you need a stable base, but may need to grab the iPad easily.

Review Joule II iPad stand

The rear armature's mechanism works very well, and in several days of use I didn't notice it getting looser. While I worry a bit about longevity (versus the previous design), it feels sturdy enough to last for years.

Who is it for?

Anyone with the cash available who needs a sturdy, attractive and useful stand. It's capable of being packed easily but looks great, so I could see some business and commercial applications as well.

Review: Joule II iPad stand