Who should I follow on Twitter? Microsoft edition

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2012 has been pretty busy for Microsoft. We've seen the new, very different, Windows 8, not to mention a new version of its mobile OS and no end of hardware permutations from PC and laptop makers. With that in mind, this time on WSIFOT, we've assembled a together who you should be adding to your timeline to keep abreast of Redmond's machinations. Alongside a chunk of official Twitter accounts from Microsoft, we've also focused in on the writers and MS employees that set the agenda for Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone -- and the rest. Is there someone missing? As always, these lists are constantly changing, so let us know your suggestions through Twitter or in the comments.

(Update: And if you wanted a quick and easy way to follow them all, we've refreshed our Microsoft list on Twitter, which resides here.)

Microsoft Official Accounts

Microsoft People

Writers, personalities


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