Tour the lands and classes of Aion 4.0 in two new trailers

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.20.12

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Tour the lands and classes of Aion 4.0 in two new trailers
Tour the lands and classes of Aion 40 in two new trailers
We've been teased with bits of information and still shots for various aspects of Aion's upcoming 4.0 expansion for quite some time. Today, we finally get to see it live! No, I don't mean the patch is live, sadly; rather, NCsoft has released two trailers highlighting the new lands, classes, and skills that eager Daevas can expect when the expansion finally hits North America.

The first video highlights the new zone Katalam with its various landscapes, shows off a fortress siege, spotlights the new classes, and demonstrates a number of new skills, including the new intensity skills players charge for a more powerful effect. On top of that, it zooms through a host of new instances, introducing even more than those already revealed. It also appears to suggest a new type of character customization, but there is no additional information currently available. The second video focuses solely on the new skills coming to existing classes.

Feast your eyes on all of the visual goodness in the two trailers after the break and tell us what you think!

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