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Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the Transformer Prime January 12th


You might still be reveling in all the fun delivered by the latest update to the Transformer Prime firmware, but ASUS has some even better news -- Ice Cream Sandwich is coming, and soon! In a post on Facebook the company announced that it would begin rolling out the latest version of the Android OS to its flagship tablet starting January 12th. The post isn't all celebration and back pats however, ASUS takes time to thank its customers for their patience before addressing the elephants in the room -- GPS and the locked bootloader. While it does acknowledge there is an issue with GPS signal, thanks to the metal unibody construction, the company does skirt responsibility by claiming the Transformer is "not a professional GPS device" and admits to removing the feature from its specs and marketing materials. Lastly, ASUS explains that the locked bootloader is essential for access to content from Google's video market thanks to DRM restrictions, but it promises an unlock utility is in the work for those who want it.

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