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Pass Go, collect 20m credits in Mass Effect Monopoly


One is a complicated, galaxy-spanning game of intrigue and backstabbing, and the other is Mass Effect. Why not combine the two?

Deviantart user tommyfilth created this custom-made Mass Effect Monopoly board ("MassNopoly"), complete with Cerberus Tasks and Alliance missions in the place of Chance and Community, and actual Mass Effect relays standing in for the railroads. Eden Prime is the cheapest spot on the board, but beware: Stacked up with a few extra colonies and a corporation, it'll cost you 250 million credits if you land on it.

Unfortunately, this was just a DIY project tommyfilth made for his family this past Christmas (inspired by another custom Fallout-inspired Monopoly set), so none of it is official or available for purchase. If we were Commander Shepard, this would be our favorite board game on the -- well, you know.

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