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AT&T talking up LTE-enabled Windows 8 tablets at Developer Summit

Darren Murph

If you're looking for maximum exposure for your developer event, might as well host it during the same week at CES. For bonus points, have it in the same city. That's precisely what AT&T has done for its 2012 Developer Summit, and while the majority of the sessions won't tickle the fancy of everyday consumers, there's one slot in particular that's giving us pause. Titled "A Metro Style Hemi," an afternoon session at the event will showcase a Windows 8 tablet, reportedly powered by one of Qualcomm's many chips. There's no details on whether or not a physical unit will be on hand with an active LTE radio, but it's useful to know that Microsoft's already talking with the carrier about hosting such devices. After all, we're still believing that Win8-based tablets are a few months out (at the very least), but if AT&T's already got one in its lab for testing, we could be looking at a little LTE + Windows 8 love sooner than anticipated. Let's just hope it doesn't pull a Jetstream on the pricing, eh?

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