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Japan working on powerful cyber weapon, knows best defense is a good offense


The Japanese government has been (relatively) quietly churning away on an advanced new cyber weapon. In the post Stuxnet age it's no surprise that a government would be working on powerful new tools to defend its digital borders, but this particular virus (developed with help from Fujitsu) is raising eyebrows with some over how it accomplishes its goals. Essentially, when it detects an intruding piece of malware, the program follows the virtual trail left behind back to the attack's source -- disabling every machine it encounters along the way. The goal, obviously, is to stop the spread of a malicious piece of code by finding and shutting down, not just the source, but all middleman PCs that are also now potential hosts. In some admittedly extreme scenarios this weapon could potentially spiral out of control, taking out far more computers than intended. Nightmarish hellscapes dominated by computers run amok aside, its definitely interesting and we understand how it might cause some concern. Check out the source for a few more details.

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