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Intel collaborating with more system-on-chip vendors, bringing Wireless Display to more places

Darren Murph

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Intel's Wireless Display hasn't exactly generated AirPlay-level buzz, but there's no question that it's a beautiful feature to end up with on insert-your-next-system-here. In a bid to bring WiDi to even more places (and in turn, generate even more buzz), the company's reaching out to System-On-Chip (SoC) vendors -- including Cavium, Mstar Semiconductor, Sigma Designs, Realtek, and Wondermedia -- in order to slide the feature over to even more connected TVs, set-top boxes and "other home consumer electronic devices." In other words, "you'll soon be able to enjoy streaming your PC to your HDTV with WiDi technology built-in, without the need for an external adapter." Naturally, we'll be looking for proof as soon as the CES show floor opens up.

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