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Pantech Element poster spied at AT&T store, launch coming next week for $300?

Brad Molen

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We've had a pretty good inkling that the Pantech Element LTE tablet would make an appearance at CES in the coming days, and our confidence level just rose another notch. It appears that one corporate-owned AT&T store got the official marketing material for the new tablet a few days prior to the device's launch and was a little too eager to put it on display ahead of time. The tipster also spilled the beans on a few specs, lending credence to earlier rumors: it's a waterproof 8-inch tablet with a 1.5GHz CPU, 16GB of internal storage and LTE, and will go for $300 on a two-year commitment ($450 without). As for availability, we were informed that we should expect it to be available on direct fulfillment (special order) the week of January 15th, with actual units hitting store shelves in the coming weeks. We'll hopefully get the full laundry list and hands-on time on Monday. Jetstream, anyone?

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