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ZOMM announces the Lifestyle Connect, keeps your trusted friends one button away


The folks that developed the Wireless Leash Plus, keeping your iPhone close at hand via Bluetooth, have taken the personal security bit of that device a step further. ZOMM has outed the Lifestyle Connect, a personal security monitor that alerts someone from your network of trusted pals in the event of an emergency with a single button push. The device works with any Bluetooth-enabled phone and can also put you in touch with a Personal Safety Concierge 24 hours a day. And does so via the built-in speakerphone on the device if your handset happens to be beyond your reach. In the event of an emergency, the round-the-clock assistant can summon the proper authorities to your GPS location. When not serving as added individual security, the kit can be enabled as a Bluetooth speakerphone for more everyday use. Featuring both classic and low energy Bluetooth, the Lifestyle Connect can last weeks on a single charge before being replenished via USB or wall adapter. For a full rundown, peep the PR that follows past the break before snagging yours in Q2 2012.

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Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, Lifestyle Connect relays health information from monitoring solutions to a trusted network of people and professionals, providing immediate medical assistance

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 9, 2012) – ZOMM, LLC (, a global technology company and developer of the world's first Wireless Leash™ for mobile phones, announces the Lifestyle Connect™ by ZOMM®, a multi-functional wireless relay that leverages Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to summon immediate assistance from a personal safety service and from your trusted network of people – all with the single touch of a button. The Lifestyle Connect by ZOMM, a CES 2012 Innovations Award Honoree in three categories, is being seen for the first time at booth #2830 in the North Hall.

The compact and lightweight Lifestyle Connect device features an ergonomic, sleek design that measures less than three inches by two inches long – smaller than a credit card. When connected to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, the Lifestyle Connect can connect any user with a crisis-certified Personal Safety Concierge™ for immediate assistance in any situation, 24/7. With one press of a button, Lifestyle Connect enables the user to speak with a live Personal Safety Concierge directly from the integrated speakerphone on the device – making communication simple when the mobile phone is out of reach.

When connected, the live Personal Safety Concierge may contact the user's pre-selected, trusted network of friends, family and health professionals, and provide status updates of the emergency via a phone call, SMS or email. If needed, the ZOMM Personal Safety Concierge will immediately dispatch police, fire or medical rescue to the user's exact location by using a combination of ZOMM technologies, services and connections to more than 6,000 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points).

One of the first devices in the world to utilize Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology, the Lifestyle Connect has a battery life of several weeks and works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Because of its low-energy capabilities, it can also connect with Bluetooth Smart devices that get more than a year of battery life between charges, from a single coin-cell battery. This capability allows Lifestyle Connect users to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled accessories, including health monitors, heart monitors, glucose monitors, fall detection sensors and activity trackers. Should any of the devices detect trouble or an emergency, information from these sensors is automatically reported to the user's self-selected trusted network of family, friends and/or medical professionals, via the cloud. Simultaneously, emergency services are contacted and assistance is dispatched directly to the user's current GPS location.

"We've used everything we've learned from our popular ZOMM Wireless Leash and created a device that provides the ultimate user experience in personal health and safety," said Henry Penix, CEO of ZOMM, LLC. "The Lifestyle Connect™ by ZOMM® utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver portable safety and peace of mind like no other product in the world."
While the personal safety services of the Lifestyle Connect provide peace of mind in unexpected situations, the device utilizes the same technology to help the user keep track of everyday belongings. The Lifestyle Connect connects with new coin-sized Tags by ZOMM, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 +LE technology, which the user can attach to anything they value. If the item is left behind, they are instantly notified and the location of that item is shared with their trusted network. If the user, or anyone in their trusted network, needs help finding the item at a later date, the myZOMM App will even provide a map and directions to the item's last known location.

Providing the ultimate speakerphone experience in a portable, easy-to-use package, the Lifestyle Connect also contains the industry's leading hands-free speakerphone technologies, featuring noise-cancelling microphone technology. ZOMM innovation provides an alternative to the Bluetooth headset, allowing consumers to use the Lifestyle Connect anywhere – in the car, outdoors or in a conference room – with flexibility and ease. With this technology, customers can use one button to answer, end or reject calls at their own personal convenience.

The Lifestyle Connect is water resistant and durable, with buttons covered in a waterproof polymer for extra protection, and certified for drops of up to two meters. The device can be recharged via USB or wall adapter. The Lifestyle Connect by ZOMM will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2012. For more information about ZOMM, visit

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