ZOMM wireless tether hands-on (video)

Forgetting one's cellphone -- it's a scurge of the modern era. We feel lost without them yet they seem all-too willing to fly away from us at a moment's notice. If you're the type who's been known to leave gadgets lying around at various places you may want to think about the ZOMM. It's a Bluetooth device about the size of a chubby poker chip that connects to your phone and, should it start to get out of range, starts to vibrate and eventually beep. Ignore the beeping at your peril, as your gadget is being left behind. It'll also act as a speakerphone, just tap the button to answer a call or two taps to shoot it to voicemail, and hold a button down to sound a panic alarm and immediately call an emergency number. We put one through its paces and it works exactly as advertised. Obviously audio quality ain't the greatest, but you weren't really expecting any better, were you? Check the video after the break and, please, no sly comments about the size of the bags under our eyes. All for you, dear reader. All for you.