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Hirai: PlayStation Vita sells 500K, getting Netflix near US / EU launch


Sony's stiff-necked CES presentation has granted another look at PlayStation Vita's commercial impact. Only available in Japan so far, the handheld has now sold 500,000 units, according to Executive Deputy President Kaz Hirai.

If that number is accurate -- and indeed sold, not shipped -- it means we can expect reported Vita sales to be higher this week than the last. During its third week of availability, the Vita had sold just under 43,000 units and fewer than the PSP. If it's reached 500,000 by now, it should have sold approximately 65,000 systems during week four.

In other news, Hirai announced that Netflix's TV and movie streaming service would be accessible through Vita once it launches outside Japan. Netflix is currently working to have it operational in the United States and Europe on "day one."

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