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Kid Icarus: Uprising gets left-handed mode with Circle Pad Pro


The Circle Pad Pro is expanding its leftward reach to include Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS. Without the Circle Pad Pro, Uprising players will use the stylus to aim and rotate the camera (generally with their right hands) and the 3DS' built-in circle pad to move Pit on land. The Circle Pad Pro will allow left-handed players to aim with their dominant hand, while moving Pit with their right.

Producer Masahiro Sakurai didn't know the specs of the Circle Pad Pro before Monster Hunter Tri-G was announced, meaning he wasn't able "to do anything big with it in the time we had," he told Official Nintendo Magazine. Still, Sakurai said he probably wouldn't have used the Circle Pad Pro too much because it "would end up being just the same as controls on other platforms and I think the quick aiming possible with the touch panel suits the game best."

Right, "other platforms." Don't worry -- we know what you mean there, Sakurai.

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