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Aha Radio in the Subaru BRZ hands-on (video)


Aha Radio announced this week that it'll be an optional extra in 2013 Subaru and Honda autos. Vehicles so equipped will have the ability to listen to thousands of web radio stations and apps -- like Slacker and MOG -- alongside the regular AM / FM and satellite radio rotation. A short jaunt from our trailer at CES, we grabbed a quick demo with a Subaru representative aboard the 2013 BRZ.

Just like using Aha without the car, you'll need an iOS or Android device outfitted with the app, which uses that device's data connection to stream those audial bits. Once connected over USB or Bluetooth, however, the updated app now allows all of that content -- including stations you've previously pre-selected as favorites -- to be accessible via vehicle's built-in infotainment system. Setup was a breeze, but the only caveat is that data connection, which par for the course for CES, wouldn't play ball. Still, for the brief time we were able to connect, we streamed NPR and found the UI certainly workable. And before you ponder the ramifications of futzing with a touchscreen while driving, know that it's accessible via controls mounted on the steering wheel. This makes for a somewhat safer media selection-option as you cruise up and down the Vegas strip. A couple shots of it in action await below, followed by a video after the break.

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