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Double Fine Happy Action Theater premieres in February


To say we were taken aback when Double Fine unveiled its Kinect-exclusive Xbox Live Arcade game, Double Fine Happy Action Theater, is an understatement. It was due in 2011 but saw a delay, and now it's gearing up to launch next month.

Our man on the ground at CES 2012, Mike Schramm, confirmed the news with a Double Fine representative. Yet, with a February launch planned, why wasn't the game part of next month's House Party promotion? "I would've loved to see it in House Party," the rep told Joystiq. Seems like a perfect fit to us, though the representative went on to say that the target audience for Double Fine Happy Action Theater is between ages 2 and 12, and the target demographic for the House Party promotion is a bit older. We should hope so -- best not to let your kids play Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater features 18 different mini-games, including some clones of classic titles Space Invaders and Breakout. Mike was able to spend some time with the game and will be posting a preview soon, so keep your eye out for that. In the meanwhile, we suggest watching the debut trailer about a hundred more times.

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