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The Darkness 2 demo creeps toward Xbox Live, PSN and PC later this month


Do you want an evil spirit bound to you for the rest of your existence? How do you really know? If only the forces of evil got together and decided to offer some kind of pilot program.

Thankfully, in this day and age of video games about evil things, we have demos. 2K Games is set to offer an early taste of The Darkness 2, starting with Xbox Live Gold subscribers next week, January 17. PC and PS3 users will be able to sample it on January 24. PS3 users in Asia/Pacific and Europe regions will have to wait an additional day, until January 25.

2K didn't offer any details on the contents of the demo, so we just hope it helps us gauge whether we're going to pressure our friends into buying it -- not to mention our tolerance level when it comes to evil hissing things and guys talking in thick, wiseguy accents.

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